6/22/2017 7:30pm - Francœur Chamber Music Society performs Franck, Brahms and Mendelssohn

Join us at 7:30pm this Thursday, June 22nd as Francœur Chamber Music Society brings you the best trios, scherzos and chamber pieces by Franck, Brahms and Mendelssohn.  The pieces are being performed by virtuoso musicians Louis-Marie Fardet (cello), Kawai KPG artist Yan Shen (piano) and Oleg Sulyga (violin).

This concert is free to the public.  Your contribution to the good will offering is appreciated.

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Angelo Ferrari's firsthand knowledge of the bel canto method was imparted to him by his father, International tenor Lazzaro Ferrari.  This sophisticated method for singing is beneficial for all singers to learn and applicable to all types of music.

A one hour private class taught at Incanto Agency's home music studio costs $60 (additional fees may apply for other locations).  Please fill out this form or call 713-202-7488 to schedule your lesson.

If you are a performer looking for an accompanist for an audition, coaching, or performance, collaborative pianist Frankie J. Kelly is an excellent choice.  Already familiar with much of the standard opera and American songbook repertoire and an excellent sightreader, Dr. Kelly will help your talent shine through.  Not only is she extremely competent, but you will feel secure knowing that she is there for you musically.

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